Dr. Curry is a Montana native and enjoys her travels across the USA and Europe. She and her husband Chris enjoy all the time they can spend with their beautiful daughter who goes everywhere with them. Dr. Curry is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association along with her doctorate in Chiropractic she has a bachelor degree in Animal Science and Human Biology. Dr. Deb Bennett influenced her way of learning, "Learn by reasoning, not by authority."

"Dr. Curry not only understands the horse she has a gift to teach." Kim, Vancouver WA

"...Dr. Curry has opened my eyes to how the muscle soreness effects the hoof angle of my racehorses!" Ken, Ohio

"The 3D dissection of the hoof capsule based on the soft tissue was unlike a regular cross section standard view. I now feel like I understand the hoof in movement." Whitney, Bend OR

"She has a forge and acknowledged the use of steel shoes. I feel she truly explained how all the shoes are a tool when needed. I thought plastic shoes were a gimmick and now I know there is a lot to learn about non-metal shoes. They are not all alike. It was worth the time to listen." Mike, Cedar City UT