Duplo Composite Horseshoes lead the technology with innovative design by a farrier who rides. The steel insert provides the protection to the circumflex artery that surrounds the coffin bone and can be shaped on an anvil to match to shape of the hoof. The synthetic material provides shock absorption and allows the digital cushion and collateral cartilages to move as they do in a barefoot hoof. A simple grinder, nippers/rasp, or a belt sander shape the synthetic material to fit the hoof perfectly. The nail holes are wide enough to allow lots of room to nail precisely into the white line. The common farrier tools are used with no additional purchase of tools needed. The shoes can be nailed or glued on with a combination of both possible. Sizes range from 98 mm to 170 mm in width with 4 mm increments in size (98, 102, 106, 110, etc) in round and oval shape. The shoes are available with clip and traction options. The special shoe is a reverse shoe with a support bar under P3 (determined with X-ray) for laminitic horses. Sizes from 118 mm to 138 mm. We have found some horse with ringbone or navilcular disease also do well in this shoe. USA Duplo information: http://www.duplo-mt.com